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Gawler, SA

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Hi there, I am a qualified Junior Primary and Primary School teacher with seven years teaching experience. I have had teaching contracts working with kids from reception up to year seven. I have also worked in kindergartens and child care centres.

The services I offer include tutoring primary aged children with any area they are having trouble with or are needing extra practice (reading, writing, Maths, Science, Society and Environment - History and Geography, fine motor skills, gross motor skills or visual arts).

I also offer services to those with preschool children to help them get ready for preschool or school. I can assist with gross motor and fine motor skills, recognition of letters and numbers, writing their name, writing letters and numbers, reading of cvc (sight) words and social skills needed for the preschool or school setting.

I am not a speech pathologist, but I have some understanding and can assist children in helping them practice their trouble sounds and guide them in the movements their mouths need to make the sound correctly.

For working with preschool children - $35p/hr
For working with school aged children up to year 5 - $40p/hr
For working with a year 6 or 7 student - $45p/hr


I have seven years experience teaching in classrooms. This often requires me to give one-on-one support to students.


Bachelor of Education (Junior Primary and Primary),Universtiy of South Australia

Diploma of Interior Design, The Interior Design institute

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less than 1 year

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Art and Graphics
Health and Human Development

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One-on-One Tutoring
Group Tutoring
In home Tutoring
Online Support
Special Needs
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Gawler, SA





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