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Mr Bob Resnyansky

Tranmere, SA


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With a solid understanding of the fundamentals of language learning gained from participating and assisting language teachers, as well as competency in Russian, Japanese and English grammar, conversational language, vocabulary and writing, I can improve the students abilities quickly while providing them with the core skills needed to continue effectively learning the language independently. I will assist the student in the elements of Russian, Japanese or English that they are most interested in improving and will provide practice through conversation (oral/aural) or writing quizes, or examples.

I focus on detailed explanations and use of examples with a heavy focus on matching the student's pace to ensure that the lessons and content remain tailored to them and match their pace. Using a process of steady questions related to the topic and responses from the student, I aim to keep the student engaged and for them to gain complete understanding of a particular area of a language. I believe in positive reinforcement while instructing, with an emphasis on the student understanding their mistakes in order to learn from them. The student's endeavours and success in their studies is my passion and I strive to develop the aspects of language that the student is struggling with.

I also offer tutoring in drawing, graphic design, art and information technology, with a particular focus on graphics applications used in the graphic design industry.


I have been active in teaching English to adult students at TAFE SA and am confident that I can apply my skills in languages to the student to ensure their success.


Assistant at LLNP (Language, Literacy and Numeracy) adult English language classes at TAFE SA from December 2011 to present.

Associate Degree in Languages and Culture Studies - Japanese
University of South Australia
Associate Degree in Languages and Culture Studies - Linguistics
University of South Australia

Native Russian/English speaker

Japanese Language Proficiency Test - Level 2

Teaching English, LLNP (Language, Literacy and Numeracy Program) Course

Bachelor of Visual Communication - Graphic Design
University of South Australia

Masters of Design in Digital Media
Adelaide University

Years Tutoring

less than 1 year

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English / ESL


Computers / IT

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Tranmere, SA



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20 Feb 2012 9:15 PM

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