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Sarah Massey

Athelstone, SA


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My name is Sarah and I work full time in procurement with a major South Australian utilities company. Although I work with numbers during the day, my passion and qualifications are in language. In my spare time I work on my novel and I also take French lessons. Learning another language has given me a deeper appreciation of my natural ability and proficiency in the English language as a native speaker.

At University, I completed a degree in Professional and Creative Communication in which I studied ‘Canonical Literature’, ‘Shakespearean Literature’, ‘Shakespearean Performance’, ‘Speech Writing’, ‘Poetry’, ‘Technical Writing’ and much more. I also completed a study abroad program where I attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I completed my sub-major in Performing Arts at Ryerson, taking classes in areas such as: ‘Writing for Media’, ‘Women of the Victorian Era’, and, ‘Scriptwriting for Stage and Screen’.
After University, I enrolled in a TEFL course to teach English as a second language, I also travelled and lived abroad. I have been back in Adelaide since 2009.


I have minimal teaching experience under the job title, but I have trained people in a professional capacity within job roles, and have worked frequently with people who have sought my editing skills and suggestions on report/essay writing; this includes family and friends and colleagues.

I also have many friends for who, English is not their native language, so I am constantly asked grammatical questions, and also, to correct colloquial language in professional documents.

Although I am not a teacher as such, I very much enjoy imparting my knowledge onto others.

I am patient and descriptive in my teaching approach. However, I am able to adapt to how best it is you learn.

I always try to have an example to assist any explanation I have, or new piece of information I am looking to impart. I am organised and can help with anything you might need assistance on. I try not to "spoon feed" answers to people as I feel that this detracts from the learning process. Arriving at an answer through an indirect approach, as opposed to being handed the information, is helpful for those studying in Year 11 and 12, particularly if they are looking to further their education at University.


Bachelor in Professional & Creative Communications.
TEFL Certificate in ESL

Years Tutoring

less than 1 year

Basic Min.


Hourly Rate Specifics

35 flat fee if travelling within a 15km radius
$37 per hour for 15.1km - 19km from where I am located
$40 per hour for 19.1km - 25km from where I am located

I will tutor up to 5 students. individual prices for two people are $30ea. From two to five people - $25ea



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Essay Writing


Essay Writing


English / ESL

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Athelstone, SA



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14 Jan 2013 2:14 PM

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