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Michael Swanson

Nailsworth, SA


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I am currently a third year student at Flinders University. Studying a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practices and a Bachelor of Science (Extended Major in Physics).

I have developed strong communication skills in explaining difficult and varied concepts and techniques to others. This also includes strong skills in presentations to groups or individuals if the student requires help with presentation specific assessments.

I graduated from Saint Peter's college through the International Baccalaureate programme and am capable of addressing class and course requirements specific to IB classes and the course in general.

I am capable of tutoring in Mathematics, Physics and Legal studies at a High School level. I am also capable of providing assistance to certain university law students studying first or second year subjects (specifically at Flinders University)

Location: I am able to tutor all people at Flinders University or in the city at most times after school times.

For at home tutoring time is slightly more limited. I am also available to tutor students in northern and inner northern suburbs.


Tutoring experience has been limited to teaching legal concepts to other students and providing mathematics assistance to early high school students on a request basis.


International Baccalaureate Results (2007)
Mathematics 7/7 (Merit Award)
Physics 6/7
TER: 93.8

University Law GPA of aprox. 6
University Science GPA of aprox. 6

Years Tutoring

less than 1 year

Basic Min.




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Legal Studies



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One-on-One Tutoring
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Nailsworth, SA



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28 Oct 2010 11:52 AM

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