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Hi there!!! Do you have any interest in speaking in Chinese? Do you want to know Chinese culture and tradition, and learn some Chinese calligraphy? Do you want to learn a second language in a fun and interesting way? I am here to be your partner in learning Chinese!!!

My name is Zora. I had a bachelor degree of Chinese language and literature in China, and a master degree of early childhood education in Adelaide. I had three years experience in teaching Chinese in China. And I am recently working as a relief Chinese teacher in primary school. Teaching Chinese and sharing ideas about different cultures and diversity is what I like to do!!!

I would like to respect your interests depending on what you need, whether it is daily conversation in Chinese, or language for travelling. I also want to teach and communicate with you in an interesting way based on talking, sharing ideas, and even some activities like cooking Chinese food, making crafts or walking at Chinatown, while at the same time we can still learn Chinese!!! if that is also what you like!!!~ And if you like Chinese culture, I would like to show you my photographs and calligraphy. I hope I can give you some suggestions if you want to travel in China. We could discuss about your personal plan and interest, and then design your lessons.

The tuition fee will be $30 per hour and the price can be negotiated for group tuition. I would like to meet you and share ideas with you. Please contact with me if you want to spend some valuable time in learning Chinese. Thank you very much!!!


Teaching Chinese in China
Teaching Chinese in primary school in Adelaide from reception to Year 7
Teaching adults Chinese


bachelor of Chinese language & literature
master of early childhood education

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