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MedEssentials Tuition

Adelaide, SA


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MedEssentials is a leading Australian Tutoring Association accredited tuition company with over 5 years experience
in helping students achieve the future of their dreams. Whether you are working on
your SACE/IB, or joining us as a junior student; MedEssentials is here to reach your
educational milestones with you. Because we are local, our tutors are able to provide
key advice regarding entrance to courses at the University of Adelaide, University of
South Australia, and Flinders University.

At MedEssentials, we understand that the quality of the tutor is just as important as hard
work when aiming for high results. Our tutor screen program ensures students are
paired with the best possible tutor available. Initially, we determine the academic
suitability of tutors with ATAR and subject records. Next, we ensure communication and
teaching skills are up to date with a formal interview process. We have a 100%
satisfaction guarantee* - your satisfaction means academic success!

MedEssentials' extensive experience in education has repeatedly proven that there is no
such one formula to a productive lesson. For this reason, our tutors are versatile and
can accommodate for any specific needs in the classroom. In the past, this has ranged
from: accelerated learning, topic consolidation, essay construction, report evaluation
and syllabus teaching to final exam preparation.


Tutor Profile

Head Tutor:

* ATAR of 99.95

* Merit Scores in subjects taught

* Over 3+ years experience in private tuition

* Experience with other tuition agencies

Premium Tutor: $50

* ATAR of 99.00+

* Merit Scores in subjects taught

* Over 1+ year experience in private tuition

* Experience with other tuition agencies

Standard Tutor: $40

* ATAR of 95.00+


Sessions are held at the convenient location of Hub Central (The University of Adelaide).
Home visits are available at an extra $5 per visit.


Private Tuition:

* Head Tutor: *Only available for group tuitions

* Premium Tutor: $50/student

* Standard Tutor: $40/student

Group Tuition: (2-4 students)

* Head Tutor: $40/student

* Premium Tutor: $35/student

* Standard Tutor $30/Student


Bookings can be made through email ( Simply email us
your name, year level, subjects and tutor requirements.

A FREE consultation is available on request. Students/Parents will have the opportunity
to meet with a MedEssentials tutor to discuss areas of need and arrange a suitable
study plan. All subsequent bookings must be paid in advance through bank transfer.


For all enquires, please feel free to contact us at MedEssentials Tuition:


Phone: 0449 853 564

Address: PO Box 48, North Adelaide, 5006

Our 100% Guarantee!

We are so confident with the quality of our service that we will offer a 100% refund
should you be unsatisfied with the tuition! Simply give us an email, citing the reason of
your complaint.


Enjoy a 10% discount on marked prices when you purchase a package of 8 sessions or
more. Bookings must be prepaid in advance to be eligible.


Australian Tutoring Association Accredited Business

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Adelaide, SA




0449 853 564

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25 Feb 2014 3:14 PM

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