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The Unicoach

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A unique ongoing program connecting students with professionals including teachers, Oxford graduates, and small business owners. Much more than "just" tutoring, students will have access to:

1. Weekly Peer Group Meet-Ups

Students meet up with their allocated Unicoach-led peer group for a one hour session each week. Throughout the program, students have an opportunity to share challenges, hear how others are tackling similar issues and learn a new productivity tool or technique to upgrade their individual productivity system.

2. Ongoing Support

The Unicoach Hotline - This is where students can receive scheduled phone and email support with their Unicoach.
The Productivity Hub - This is a quiet distraction-free study space located in the Adelaide CBD where students can study, get after school access to their Unicoach, get help from other students, use our white board walls and other creative resources, and get access to free Wi-Fi and study snacks.

3. Holiday Workshops

The holidays are a great time for students to relax, have fun and catch up on their studies. This Program offers students two 3-hr workshops during Term 2 and Term 3 holidays that are aligned specifically to their needs, including:

Program Launch and End-of-Year Celebration Party - Where students can meet their Unicoach, other students and the program advisors.

Conversations with Alphagraduates - Where students can hear first hand how young entrepreneurs, researches, architects and artists are making a splash in Adelaide and pursuing their purpose.

Meet your Industry Role Model - Where we connect students with renowned masters in their field so they can share their personal insights as to how to make the most of year 12.


Anita Nedosyko - CEO & Co-Founder

Anita's colleagues describe her as driven, passionate, visionary, caring and level-headed with an unbelievably positive attitude to life. Since completing her Honours in Marine Biology 3 years ago, Anita has led a research team, won a prestigious and competitive placement in a graduate program, worked as an environmental manager in the mining industry, started her own consulting firm, was a participant in the ANZ Innovyz Business Accelerator Program and is currently heading The Unicoach.

Sarah Randall-Smith, Co-Founder and Head of HR

Sarah's colleagues describe her as intelligent, quick-witted, kind, wise for her age, hilarious, and a gifted writer with an attention to detail. After completing undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Arts, Sarah won a scholarship to study Honours in Business at Flinders University. During this time, Sarah also taught a number of management topics at the Flinders Business School which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Josh Basford - Co-Founder and Year 12 Program Coordinator

Josh's colleagues describe him as motivated, confident, multi-skilled, thoughtful, articulate and a lover of good food. Josh is one of the top students at Flinders University, a published author and a co-founder of The Unicoach. His undergraduate degree in Education has given him a number of strategies and schema's for helping students in need, and his background working with youths in crisis has left him well placed to relate to all types of students.

Kitty Magee

Kitty is an academic coaching specialist with a particular focus on strengths-based coaching, learning barriers and effective study skills. With two masters degrees from Oxford (Law and Applied Social Studies) she is about to complete a PhD in Art History (just for the fun of it!). Kitty's driving force is helping people to find their direction and achieve their goals. Her background in Social Work, Counselling, Coaching and Education guides her mission to help students uncover their passion for learning and equip them for success.


Bachelor of Education, Flinders University

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Art History, University of Adelaide

Master of Science (MSc), Applied Social Studies, University of Oxford

Certificate of Qualification in Social Work, Youth Justice, University of Oxford

Master of Arts (MA), Jurisprudence, University of Oxford

Bachelor of Arts (BA) hons, Jurisprudence, University of Oxford

Bachelor of Psychology and Arts, Honours in Business, Flinders University

Bachelor of Biology, Honours in Biology, Flinders University

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