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Anna Thomas

Tranmere, SA


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I have been a teacher for 30 years in Primary schools. I was a classroom teacher for 15 years before going to Flinders Uni and studying Special Education. The last 15 years of my teaching has been as a Special Education teacher. I am a trained Reading Recovery tutor. I am a trained tutor in Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and Understanding Dyslexia and significant Reading difficulties. I have extensive knowledge and understanding in disorders and difficulties in Auditory Processing ,Speech and Language, Sensory processing, Emotional/Social - to name a few.


I believe a collaborative approach that involves school, parents, families, myself and outside agencies as appropriate (eg psychologists, speech pathologists, medical practioners, disability co-ordinators, Autism SA, SASVI, Novita etc). The support I can offer may be
1-1 support for your child during school hours
and/or as an advocate to liaise with schools setting SMARTER goals
and/or needing independent help and support with the schooling sector,


Diploma of Teaching
Reading Recovery Tutor
Tutor in Dyslexia and Significant Reading Difficulties
Tutor in Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

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I am a teacher and mother of four boys. I have over 30 years teaching experience in the classroom and then as a specialist education teacher. I have very recently (end of Term 2, 2014) voluntarily left my employment with DECD (Education Department). I have become increasingly concerned and alarmed with regard to the quality and quantity of support being offered for students with learning difficulties and or learning disabilities. My passion lies in making a difference in student learning and actively participating in creating brighter futures for students who need extra support.



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Tranmere, SA





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