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Neda Khodadadegan

Goodwood, SA


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As a versatile educator, I have taken the opportunity to work with a variety of people from all facets of society and from different backgrounds. As a result, I have found myself very sensitive to people’s unique needs. As an English teacher in Callan Academy, Malaysia, I had a great chance to work with refugees from South East Asia and the Middle East, understanding their needs and feelings. I am now capable of providing individual and group support, and offering positive encouragement to my students. I have taught a variety of courses in English as a second language for about 14 years. The courses include primary and advanced, IELTS, TOFL, TOEIC, O LEVEL, A LEVEL, Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading.


1. Callan Language Academy
Position Title : Teacher, Tutor, Translator, and Interpreter
Specialization : Teaching English Courses, Translating, and Interpreting
Duration : July 1st 2012 to July 1st 2015
Address : Taman Putra Sulaiman, 68000 Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone : +60342519582
Job Description
During the time I worked for Callan, I was mainly responsible for teaching and tutoring different levels from elementary to advance. I also taught IELTS, TOEFL, and O level preparation courses. We had students from a variety of nationalities, mainly from Korea, Libya, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and Iran. Since I can speak in Persian, I started interpreting for refugee students from Iran and Afghanistan when they needed to contact the academy or some other institutions regarding their inquiries and problems.

2. Baran Institution
Position Title : Manager, Teacher, Tutor, and Translator
Specialization : Education Managing, Teaching Specialized Courses, and Translating
Duration : March 1st 2002 to May 1st 2004-Part Time
June 4th 2004 to July 21st 2011-Full Time
Address : No 18th, West 1st Ave, Ferdosi St, Shahinshahr, Esfahan, Iran
Phone : +98 312 52 41011
Job Description
I started my job as a part timer in Baran. I started mainly by teaching and tutoring elementary courses. When in 2004 I became a full time employee, my responsibilities changed completely. I was chosen as the education manager of the institute. I planned all the courses, employed teachers, and evaluated language learners. I also taught advanced courses, IELTS, and TOEFL.
We also had a translation department in our institution where we accepted a variety of technical texts to translate from English into Persian and from Persian into English.

3. Padide Derakhshan Institute
Position Title : Teacher and Tutor
Specialization : Teaching English Courses
Duration : 14th August 2002-19th September 2002
Address : No 6, West 2nd Ave, Ferdosi St, Shahinshahr, Esfahan, Iran
Phone : +98 31252 47 448-31252 43078
Job Description
As an English teacher, I was supposed to cover sundry courses, from elementary to advance. The classes varied in terms of age and level. Most of my classes, though were pupils aged from 6 to 10 who were taking English Elementary courses. The books were mainly Bravo and Get Ready. Following the steps provided in teacher’s guides, I also used to prepare my own lesson plans and create specific games to make the classes more interesting.

4. Namdar Rayane Institute
Position Title : Teacher, Tutor and Translator
Specialization : Teaching Computer English Courses, Translating Computer Textbooks
Duration : 8th June 2002-1st December 2002
Address : No32, East 1st Ave, Aref St, Shahinshahr, Esfahan, Iran
Phone : +98 312 52 20 723
Job Description
My responsibility was teaching computer specialized courses to high school and technical-vocational school students. Since the textbooks were written in English, I had to have knowledge both in English and computer science. All students were Persian speakers, so we also made an effort to translate all the textbooks from English into Persian to make them more functional in schools both for teachers and students. I was chosen to conduct the project, being assisted by a number of translators who were supposed to follow my guidelines in accomplishing the work.


Masters in World Literature in English
Bachelors in English Studies with relevant Teaching Training Courses

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