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Steve Chapman

Glen Osmond, SA


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Do you want to attain the highest level possible in year 11 and 12 Chemistry and/or year 8 -12 mathematics as you seek to achieve your goal of completing your secondary education?

If so, I may well be able to help you! As a high school teacher and experienced tutor who has had over twenty five years experience, I may have what it takes to help you.

Although I am a specialist in Chemistry who has also had Year 12 Chemistry SACE Examination marking experience, I have also have a strong background in secondary mathematics.

Give me a ring to discuss your particular needs, obligation free!


During my teaching career, I regularly tutored students in secondary chemistry and mathematics. These students known to me through a variety of ways, such as friends' & neighbours' children and other acquaintances. Word of mouth soon saw me having to refuse some students More recently (2001 -2005), I worked for the Adelaide Tuition Centre in Adelaide tutoring a variety of students in chemistry and mathematics, some of whom had special needs.


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Diploma in Teaching, Secondary (Dip.T. (Sec.))

Twenty five years teaching experience in the subject areas of years 11-12 Chemistry and years 8-12 Mathematics.

Marker and Supervising Marker of S.A.C.E. year 12 Chemistry.

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I prefer to negotiate a rate per session which may be longer than merely an hour and usually depends on the needs and the situation of the student. As a rough guide I usually charge around $50 per session.



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Glen Osmond, SA





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